Intuition is good.
Research is even better.

The benchmark of Trust & Performance in the crypto space.

Decentralized Reputation System built on
near protocol coreto partner DRS

Platform Features


A bold differentiator: Using blockchain technology and ML for building a safer crypto ecosystem.


A complete stream of income: everything you need to create, grow and monetize.

Project Exposure

The ultimate tool for crypto projects to build their brand awareness and community.

Level Up

Feel the thrill of our gamification mechanisms while also creating quality content.


Rise to the challenge!
Reach the top in the most trustable leaderboard.


Metrics are a trader's best friend.
Quickly assess the status of an opinion and how the community perceives it.


Game ON!
We have the perfect setup to challenge the opinion of others. Are you a better trader?


Claim your official page!
Use our tools to build up your community, reputation, and social engagement.


*The actual platform features might look different in the Final release.

Community Fuel

One Token, multiple use cases

A dedicated currency for all the platform’s services and interactions. The COR token ensures the optimal functioning of our ecosystem.

Coreto is for everyone


Increase your knowledge

  • pledge $COR in the right SOOP (opinion pools) and share the rewards with the creator.

  • apply your learnings and take the right investment decisions.

  • explore the research hub for better-informed decisions.

  • learn first in order to earn later (learn.earn.repeat).

  • quickly evaluate traders and projects.


Showcase your expertise

  • showcase your skills in predicting market evolution.

  • build your reputation based on trust and performance.

  • grow your community and engage with it.

  • use the game mechanisms to create even more quality content.

  • develop a complete stream of income through 1 to 1 mentoring, subscription-based content, SOOPs rewards, and more.

Project Teams

The ultimate tool for brand awareness

  • claim your page and build your presence.

  • filter information from speculation and rumors.

  • identify the right influencers to work with and directly pitch your projects to.

  • use all of our tools to spread your message.

  • grow your community and keep it close.


Phase I



  • Alpha Concept & Design
  • Token Generation Event
  • Closed Alpha Platform Launch
  • Staking of Opinion Pools
  • Initial Testing

Phase II

In Progress


  • Social Posts
  • Comments & Notification Systems
  • Article Publishing
  • Activate COR Token (drop vCOR)
  • SOOP Upgrade
  • Referral Program
  • Trust & Performance System Upgrade

Phase III



  • Mobile & Responsive Optimisations
  • Projects Module - V1
  • Public Sharable Content
  • Project Reviews
  • Performance Improvements

Phase IV



  • Projects Module - V2
  • Content Monetization
  • Extended WEB3/ Decentralisation
  • API/ Oracle Data Feeds
  • Gamification System

Phase V



  • Rumor Stack
  • Internal Staking System
  • Live Messaging
  • 1 on 1 Mentoring

Official Launch



  • Machine Learning & AI
  • NFTs

*Dates published are tentative only. Roadmap will continuously change as we progress with our project.

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