Do you find research way too complicated?

It's supposed to help you, not confuse you.

coreto platform solution to crypto complicated research
Twitter  •  Social Media

"a great social media channel to communicate with friends and followers, but not a layer for trust and performance."

Telegram  •  Messaging

"the most used platform by projects and Signal Groups (free & paid), but very hard to determine the level of past performance."

Coinmarketcap  •  Tracking

"a great research tool, but not enough for the entire research process."

Instagram  •  Video Content

a great social media app for displaying visual content, but not a good learning & research tool.

Coingecko  •  Price Tracking

"So many cryptos! A good place to find new projects, but difficult to assess the risks."

Medium  •  Blogging

"a good channel for great content, but not a trust layer in the DYOR process."

Twitter  •  Social Media

"no trust layer- anyone can write an opinion and delete it later on."

Reddit  •  Social News

"one of the best platforms for crypto communities, but difficult to get around and spot the best groups to interact with."

TikTok  •  Short Videos

"a great social media app concept, but a confusing source for the research process."

Discord  •  Messaging

"with a different target, but with the same issues as Telegram regarding the assessment of past results."

Facebook  •  Social Media

"the most known social media platform, but one of the most exploited tools for fake news and misinformation."

YouTube  •  Video Content

"many paid videos that lower the objectivity of an opinion. Not a 100% trustworthy tool for due diligence."

Telegram  •  Messaging

"Messaging app Telegram has become a heaven for crypto fraud discussions".

Less than 5% of traders are profitable

Retail investors face difficulties not only because of the volatility of cryptocurrencies, but also because of a lack of suitable learning, and understanding of how to approach the market.

Challenges that a retail investor faces in the usual research process

We solved it with Coreto

There are three main modules in the Coreto Platform which dramatically simplify your research process, no matter if you're experienced or just starting.


Every user interaction on the platform dynamically influences how each user's Trust score evolves over time.

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We track and measure how each piece of content performs based on verifiable facts.

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If it's not fun, you don't want it. Increase your scores and be rewarded as you progress.

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Staking of Opinion Pool (Opinions)

A tool to showcase your trading skills, build up your Reputation, and earn rewards.

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Learn from top-performing members

High-performing members will be able to offer mentoring sessions, premium content subscriptions, and more to help newcomers grow their crypto knowledge.

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