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We're building Coreto because

Blockchain research is
way too complicated

crypto research is complicated

A profile to show off!
You can build your decentralised Reputation while doing what you love: trading, analysing, or reviewing crypto projects.


Do what you already do and also develop a new stream of income?! Yes, please! Subscription-based content, build courses, or auction your time for 1-to-1 mentoring sessions


Crypto is fun!
Social interactions are fun! Combine these two, add a pinch of gamification and you'll be hooked!


Have the edge in crypto! Quickly assess the trust and performance of a user and learn their strategies.


*The actual platform features might look different in the Final release.

Ready to embark on this adventure?

Join the front-runners who pave the road with us.

We grow together

integrating our
reputation system

forward protocol logo karnika yashwant mr key

"Reputation management on chain is the key to Blockchain safety, which leads to Blockchain adoption."
Karnika E. Yashwant (Mr. Key), Co-Founder Forward Protocol

coreto rev3al partnership

"User safety and security in the decentralized space remain a great barrier to blockchain adoption. Our collaboration with Coreto helps resolve this issue, allowing creators and influencers on REV3AL’s platform to build verifiable trust, as we work together to inspire transparency and confidence in the NFT space."
Mo Kumarsi, CEO REV3AL LLC

Coreto is for everyone

long term crypto investments


Increase your knowledge

  • pledge $COR in the right SOOP (opinion pools) and share the rewards with the creator.

  • apply your learnings and take the right investment decisions.

  • explore the research hub for better-informed decisions.

  • learn first in order to earn later (learn.earn.repeat).

  • quickly evaluate traders and projects.

evolution of cryptocurrency


Showcase your expertise

  • showcase your skills in predicting market evolution.

  • build your reputation based on trust and performance.

  • grow your community and engage with it.

  • use the game mechanisms to create even more quality content.

  • develop a complete stream of income through 1 to 1 mentoring, subscription-based content, SOOPs rewards, and more.

cryptocurrency influencers

Project Teams

The ultimate tool for brand awareness

  • claim your page and build your presence.

  • filter information from speculation and rumors.

  • identify the right influencers to work with and directly pitch your projects to.

  • use all of our tools to spread your message.

  • grow your community and keep it close.

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Join Coreto’s referral event to win up to $1500 in $COR Tokens!